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Weichai fuel cold water

Published time:2016-11-07

Name of parts: fuel cold water

Part number: 612600083455

Applicable models: weichai three full series engine efi countries use

Function purpose: "1. The key to open the door, fuel water cold treasure automatic heating fuel to prevent low temperature caused by fuel wax no car or a bad situation.

2. The key to the door is opened electronic automatic extraction pump fuel into the fuel oil supply system, effectively shorten the time of launch vehicles. "

Weichai engine accessories

Weichai engine accessories

Weichai engine accessories

Warm prompt: "1. Install a water cold treasure vehicles should pay attention not to immediately take a taxi, the key to open the door should be wait for 5 to 10 seconds time for water cold work after the completion of the car.

2. Ensure the quality of fuel oil to reduce the impurity can effectively prolong the service life of cold water treasure. "

The closing: use inferior fuel water cold treasure can lead to engine start difficult in winter

Source: Beijing European luxury car trade co., LTD. (


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