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Weichai fine filter

Published time:2016-11-07

Parts name: fine filter

Part number: 612630080011

Applicable models: weichai three full series engine efi countries use

Function purpose: through the oil-water separator and oil strainer filtering impurities after further clear the settling fuel impurities within foreign body, protection of the normal work of fuel oil supply system hardware, prolong service life.

Weichai engine accessories

Warm prompt: "1. The installation should be paid attention to when the fine filter into the inlet, the flowline hollow bolt fastening seal vehicles is bad the car or not.

2. The vehicle should be regular maintenance maintenance timely replacement filter, to prevent too many filter impurities inside liner effect is reduced, resulting in failure of fuel hardware system. "

The closing: use inferior fine filter assembly will cause the fuel filter impurities are not clean, to speed up the high pressure oil pump and fuel injector wear.

Source: Beijing European luxury car trade co., LTD. (


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