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Weichai - T fluid sealant

Published time:2016-11-08

Parts name: T fluid sealant

Part number: 610800150023

Applicable models: WP7 series engine

Function purpose: seal oil sump and cylinder block a gap to prevent oil leakage.

Weichai engine accessories

Weichai engine accessories

Weichai engine accessories

Weichai parts central warm prompt:

When maintenance, please check whether the seal is evidence of the spill, generally about 50000 km for replacement, prevent aging caused by high temperature hot oil.

Weichai power Beijing center (include: Beijing, langfang, chengde, zhangjiakou region) the only authorized central, is responsible for the area nearly hundred weichai service providers to provide spare parts supply for after-sales service system, professional accessories warehousing logistics more than ten years, nearly ten thousand kinds of accessories reserves can satisfy the passenger cars, trucks, engineering machinery, genset weichai engine accessories procurement, years of weichai awarded the title of "outstanding central" let this unit has a place in the industry, because the geographical position and accessories reserves complete accessories are exported to overseas, in countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ecuador has accessories project department (center), provides support for overseas weichai power maintenance. Beijing European luxury car trade co., LTD., weichai central 24 hours service telephone 4006681635

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