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The tire noise reduction tips

Published time:【2016-10-21 17:02:07】

Tyre noise is caused by the tire and road surface friction, is the main factor that constitutes a chassis noise. General tire noise is mainly composed of three parts: one is the tire pattern clearance of air flow and tire air turbulence around air noise; Second, the tire body and pattern tire vibration noise caused by vibration; 3 it is the road uneven road surface caused by the noise. Will be issued special traffic environment, tires whine and splashing. Wheel cover the lower part of concave and convex caused air separation, also can produce the strong noise, the wheel rotation induced wind wheel cover, as well as engine room from the lower wind wheel cover is the main source of noise. Weichai engine parts below small make up for your action...

weichai  engine

Here are some tips to reduce noise

Tip 1: eliminate the wiper of vibration and noise

With pliers and rubber pieces in each joint gap down.

Tip 2: extend the service life of the bulb

After buying or replace new light bulb, bulb to wipe with alcohol is over, can eliminate the fingerprint and oil. I do after buying a car, a light bulb not bad so far.

Tip 3: reduce the tire noise

Stick front wheel inside protective plate on a layer of black or flannelette blanket cloth (experience carefully under your tire noise decreases after the rain, after washing the car, because the inside of the protective plate and have mud on noise absorption).

Tip 4: eliminate noise after individual uneven tire wear

Four-wheel positioning, balance after looking for a bicycle, borrow or buy the rasp, will tread rugged place is not smooth.

Tip 5: extend the service life of the silencer

Will play a small hole muffler below the lowest. The reason is simple: drainage anti-corrosion.

Tip 6: starting speed is fast

Under the condition of the vehicle idling or load less, with second start directly (don't have to worry about the vehicle damage, because the first gear and clutch is designed by overloading cases, and most of car a block in the second block is not smooth), rushed to rapidly after 3000 turn above into three block, to more than 3000 turn again, then general car behind you, simply switch four, five, also can be directly to five (applicable to highway fee), and does not increase fuel consumption. Might as well try.

Tip 7: launch a car jitter of simple processing

Valve closed lax, because of the bad individual cylinder work on the run is one way of cost (silver), also can be in three or four block on high speed running a little longer (province) of gold, the same effect. Heat if the car is not shaking but shift (hand), may be is the nozzle injection quantity is uneven, need to detect, cleaning.

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