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Lubricating oil detection What should I

Published time:【2016-10-27 10:52:17】

Oil detection can not only detect oil, but also can effectively guide the equipment maintenance, and tell us whether the oil out of the question, like the body to do a blood test, can be found within the body. Lubricating oil is the blood of flow inside the weichai engine, through the oil testing, we can detect the oil out of the question, whether oil carries the information inside the equipment at the same time, by analyzing the information, equipment fault can be analyzed. But, when it comes to oil testing, involving many test items, like we go to the hospital, we need to detect what projects? This is our first problem.

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Indeed, the oil testing the project looks very "professional", look not to understand what projects need to detect. Most of the time, maybe we don't understand the test term, but we all know that our testing purpose, therefore, this article embarks from the testing purpose, let people know, how to determine the purpose of according to oneself detection which items you need. Whether oneself buy instrument testing, or send a sample to the oil testing laboratory testing, determine the test items are all important.

To detect the oil

Before choose the test items, the user should understand, what is the purpose of the test, the purpose of routine testing mainly includes three types:

1, understand the oil

Including new oil and oil in oil testing, by detecting the basic physical and chemical indicators, can know the nature of the oil in general.

2, if there is a pollutant in the detection of oil

Lubricating oil should be kept clean, can not be mixed with other material, if you need to know whether the oil into the other substances, can detect pollutants.

3, wear analysis (understand equipment wear failure)

If you want to know whether parts inside the equipment fault, wear parts, should wear testing and analysis.

Second, the other need to detect the occasion of lubricating oil

Testing groups mainly divided into lubricating oil of lubricating oil producers and users of lubricating oil, quality certification institutions, manufacturers of lubricating oil quality detection is mainly in order to guarantee lubricating oil can meet the product specifications on the performance of the listed to avoid defective products listed. Users of oil testing in oil, the purpose is mainly mentioned above at 3 o 'clock. In addition to the already in use in the lubricating oil for testing, the following often need to detect oil, on the basis of the above, we list them individually to discuss:

1, when receive new oil testing new oil quality

2, lubricating oil storage after a period of time, want to know whether oil is bad, or predict whether oil can also be used

3, detection in fuel oil, in order to know whether the oil change

Lubricating oil producers

Of lubricating oil for lubricating oil manufacturer quality control project is more, need to detect when the user testing project is relatively small, user testing need to determine the test items according to the testing purpose. The following is a manufacturer of lubricating oil for lubricating oil quality need to detect some projects:

The lubricating oil viscosity and lubrication

Oxidation stability

Acid and alkaline detection

Pour point, flash point, ignition point

Soluble and insoluble substance detection

Air release and anti-foam

Metal corrosion prevention, corrosion performance

And anti-wear and extreme pressure properties

Oil and water separation performance and demulsification performance

Cold start performance

The certification body

Lubricating oil packaging will be accompanied by some certification, so the certification institution also for testing the performance of the lubricating oil. Common have the SAE certification body (the American society of automotive engineers), the car oil (engine oil, automotive gear oil) for testing; An American petroleum institute (API), to test the oil products, based on the classification of the international oil according to the classification of the API; ISO (international organization for standardization), AGMA (the American gear manufacturers association), ISO and AGMA mainly for industrial oil viscosity, anti-wear and extreme pressure, and other performance index for testing and certification. Other some OEM (manufacturer) equipment, heavy machinery, machine and vehicle manufacturers of equipment used in corresponding oil testing and certification, such as Siemens, GE, mitsubishi heavy industries, etc.

Users receive the new oil

When receive new oil, users need to evaluate the first time in the lubricating oil, ensure that the quality of lubricating oil shipped meets requirements, and then sign for it. When receive new oil to do testing generally includes these items: the lubricating oil viscosity, viscosity index, atomic emission spectrometry (tomic emission spectroscopy), Fourier infrared spectrum (FTIR), moisture content, particle counting.

Detection of inventory of lubricating oil

Also has expiration, lubricating oil and lubricating oil is close to the shelf life and storage conditions, therefore, for the warehouse storage for a period of time after the lubricating oil for testing, can predict future whether can use good lubricating oil, lubricating oil whether cleanliness standard, accurate quantitative guidance significance. Among them, the storage conditions is not very ideal (outdoor, damp, high temperature and dirt, dust, bacteria, and so on and so forth), storage of lubricating oil for a longer time, to focus on testing, testing items can be reference for oil testing.

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