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shan sinotruk, deputy general manager Zh

Published time:【2016-10-27 15:42:03】

In recent years, in the face of fierce market competition, shan steam outside plastic brand sales company, hard skills, ideas, innovative marketing mode, around the customer as the center, to promote service-oriented manufacturing strategy, focus on weichai engine in whole life cycle of products, focus on the customer management process, the entire solution for the customer to make accurate, obtained the general customer affirmation, shan steam market share rising, marketing efforts to achieve amazing results.

To celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the weichai recognition over the past decade have made outstanding contributions for the development of staff, to inherit and carry forward the spirit of weichai, incentive cadres and employees to keep in mind that the mission, don't forget to beginner's mind, active in the second, weichai group has carried out the ten "weichai man". October 20, in the 70 anniversary of the weichai, shaanxi heavy truck, deputy general manager of Zhou Yinchao won the "person of the weichai meritorious service" and be recognized.

Weichai engine accessories

Steam shan sales company played a collective wisdom, and keen observation of market change, quickly adapt to the market demand, timely adjustment of marketing strategy, and actively adjust the product structure, heavy card market segment, accurate customer needs, innovative marketing mode, to product, sales, service and overall sales market after layout. By engineering dump experts to the transformation of logistics experts, to keep the industry for many years the first tipper, Tractor to rise to the second industry, boost the road segment of the market competitiveness; Port car industry leading; Gas products industry the best performance; In 31 to determine market segments, market segments and the in-depth study, combined with the enterprise marketing development, establishment of residue in the car, ports, tractor, and other project team, help each segment comprehensive breakthrough.

Weichai engine accessories

In 2016, the sales company to deliver, in the fierce competition in the tight grasp opportunities, initiating change, hustling, win the initiative, has achieved spectacular results. 1 - September, shan steam civilian goods sales hit 52000 units, domestic market share increase of 1.5%. Realize the tractor to maintain strong growth, market share increase of 1.6%; Dump truck, especially the environmental protection intelligent dump truck to keep industry first; Port tractor, gas products continue to lead the market; The calderon X3000 year-on-year growth of nearly six times, gold hit 7000 units, power products industry first, leading the 500 + logistics into a new era in China. Express, cold chain, and there is at least as transport, sanitation and other market segments to realize comprehensive breakthrough.

At present, shan steam from market to product marketing team, from sales to service, from research to promote into a new situation, marketing team confidence one hundred times, branching out, never pass an order! Never miss a chance! Never lose a piece of ground! During the journey of the billions of shan steam war yong, create brilliant.

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