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If you do all these things, for the engi

Published time:【2016-10-28 11:29:15】

3 big cars: engine, transmission and chassis, including weichai engine is probably the most expensive for vehicle parts, so the engine maintenance has become top priority.

Weichai engine accessories

What is the car engine? What kind?

Automotive engine is to provide power for the car engine, is the heart of the car, affect the performance, fuel economy and environmental protection of the car. According to different power source, the car engine can be divided into the diesel engine, gasoline engine, electric motor, hybrid, etc.

How to maintain the car engine?

Regular oil changes: the drivers are not strange, 4 s shops will be suggested to change the oil every 5000 kilometers. Engine oil, engine oil, which can impact on the engine lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, antifriction, and so on. Only use qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear of engine parts, prolong service life. Either high or low quality grades of lubricating oil in the process of using oil will change, so in order to avoid failure, should be periodically according to the conditions of use in oil and the oil is moderate. So, maintenance of the engine, be sure to use the oil well.

In addition to carbon deposition on a regular basis: car in the process of burning oil, hard to avoid can appear carbon deposition phenomenon, can appear too much start difficult, unstable idle speed, acceleration, acute gas tempering, tail gas exceeds bid, the abnormal phenomenon such as fuel consumption increase. Therefore attention should be paid to the prevention of carbon deposition, ordinary ordinary driving run high speed as much as possible, and increasing the shift speed, avoid long idle speed, the use of clean gasoline, etc., to maintain good driving habits can reduce the carbon deposition.

Clear water tank on a regular basis: the engine in the process of operation will be fever, so you need to rely on water tank to cool, if not the engine is easy to "bring". Will inevitably tank rust scale, rust too much will hinder the coolant flow in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation effect, leading to the engine overheating, even cause engine damage, so in addition to scale unusually important.

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