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[TV] shandong weichai group: innovation

Published time:【2016-10-29 16:43:30】

October 20, the shandong TV news broadcast aired the crucial reform: the new breakthrough New luminescent spot Weichai group: innovation driven development towards a global high-end ", reported in the case of economic downward pressure is still large, weichai group, hand over a beautiful report card. Credit to make such progress, innovation. Innovation is leading the first motive force in the development, with best practice is given for weichai proved that for the present reform of state-owned enterprises also provides a vivid and samples.

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【 introduction: in the first three quarters of this year, in the domestic and international engineering machinery market downturn overall situation, weichai group corporate profits are achieved in the growth of more than 60%. This growth, from weichai group adhere to the international perspective, to mark the world first-class, propulsion, weichai engine products, management, and other comprehensive innovation efforts. Innovation, are leading weichai towards the world of high-end industry.

[text] grating ruler is processing position detection feedback element, the weichai group, the cylinder body of the flexible production line imported from German, each processing equipment for at least three grating ruler.

Weichai power at the same time sound 】 【 1 factory for the processing of the second workshop monitor Wang Weihai This is grating ruler, for example, system for machining shaft 1 mm, exactly how far away, it is depend on the grating ruler to measure out feedback to system, like the human nervous system.

[text] ruler in the event of failure, the original only from Germany and buy new ruler for more than 40, ten thousand yuan a year. The problem in domestic enterprise, has finally been weichai group, a man named shu-jun wang skilled workers to overcome.

Weichai power at the same time sound 】 【 1 factory for the processing of the second workshop mechanic Shu-jun wang reconstruction when the failure rate from 40% to below 3%, nearly three years, not changed in a ruler.

[text] to overcome this difficulty is no accident, the weichai group, encouraging innovation and tolerance of failure shu-jun wang dare to let go of the hands and feet dry. Now a creative studio in his name, has been carried out on the production line for more than 80 technical renovation.

[text] in the build environment full of innovation environment at the same time, build a weichai, America, Germany, France, etc in the "five to 10" collaborative research and development platform, and establish the internal combustion engine with the Massachusetts institute of technology, tsinghua university and other international reliability technology innovation alliance.

Weichai power at the same time sound 】 【 vice President TongDeHui We proposed the chain and the concept of innovation, is the chain and the whole society of the world's most advantage resources, innovative services for us, now we set up the whole series, the whole field of product platform.

[text] specifically for north American market development engine for electricity generation is the result of chain and innovation.

Weichai power at the same time sound 】 【 institute system engineering development office Ren Xianfeng We are in charge of gas engine overall scheme design, research and development center is responsible for North America gas component matching application development, the two sides through multinational video meeting every week, solve technical problems in a timely manner.

[text] and with the internationalization strategic layout, also to accelerate management innovation weichai. Baudouin from France to Italy, and a proud kay from Germany to the United States, the horse teck, every multinational m&a, is accompanied by the reshaping of the management mode. After management process reengineering of French baudouin company profitability at a stroke, Marine engine global market share jumped to 90% from 10% before the merger. In 2015, weichai in overseas mergers and acquisitions of enterprise profit, all contributed 57% of group profits.

Baudouin period sound 】 【 method of bridge, a French company general manager, Mr. He, weichai brought baudouin internationalization enterprise management process, especially the flexibility of the market, to the customer demand faster reaction ability, this is the most important, is also baudouin need to adhere to in the future.

[text] now, weichai had built up the car business, engineering machinery, power systems, a luxury yacht, financial services and so on five big plate, spent 15 billion yuan over research and development, formed the nearly 3000 new technologies and patents. Lead in innovation, in the first three quarters of this year, weichai group achieve revenue growth of 12.3% year-on-year, profit up 64.1% from a year earlier.

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