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Wp12 engine training

Published time:【2016-10-31 15:35:07】

How much do you know about weichai engine, you can know how much, a little more straightforward, give you a weichai engine you can take again, haven't went to the door of the shop, hear such a straightforward. Let me deep feelings when. Once I'm also just a maintenance apprentice, teachers still vividly, the master said, a car is not measured by how much you know, to remember how much, nor can you open it assemble it, but others will give you a car, as long as a start you can know what's wrong with it, know it that uncomfortable, as for apart again mount, it's a child in piling up his building blocks. Once I just laugh, think that these are because he is the Lao shifu would say that. When heard this training found himself wrong.

Weichai engine accessories

This is an apprentice practical dismantling WP12 weichai engine training, return an aside guidance, apprentice himself tear open outfit, hurt very smoothly, there is almost no beats apprentices the smooth completion of all the way, when the assembly, the problem came out, the students put together all the nut don't know which is which, which, sometimes the fit the nut to the installed to other, resulted in a lot of parts no nut is available, the students had to return for help, and the return is to make them all down again, the students are very angry their hard-won with half a day he let down again, a word to see that I also feel this return an overdone, is preparing to go up and he theory theory, then the one next to the teacher pulled me lives, he says you look at first, he is don't have a purpose, I had to then look to one side. Apprentices also dare not refute return have to one by one down, down, etc. After a break, return to let they put all the screws and parts according to the up and down or so points clear of engine assembly again, sure enough it really is time to smooth the assembly again many no longer is like a blind man fishing, although sometimes a mistake, but after the guidance of the Lao shifu is smoothly carried out.

Training is over, pressing question has been in my heart there, why is he to his disciples all removed again, put down "is wrong, also the parts nut points so clear, then return to let them start all over again to check it again, check the return and help them check it again, and then several of his apprentices center said:" we do weichai engine maintenance industry, the first to ensure quality, the second is the efficiency, know why? Because you're a carelessly, or a negligence might ruin is several or dozens of people's life and family, you just regardless of the method, you think can guarantee safe?" Say that finish, the apprentice all flushed bowed his head. And my heart also is mixed, we may lay in the fact that some trivial matter, can exist in the teacher's eyes that is fatal.

During learning, the students always holding a serious attitude, the mentality of learning to appreciate what they have learned the content, the training class although time is short, but the students play space is large, learning content is rich, provide everyone with a rare opportunity to recharge, I personally think that is a more successful training. Return with superb technology and own experiences, start from scratch, the interpretation of all the students master the true meaning of a real maintenance, I am that, through the study, make the students expand the knowledge of weichai engine, to recognize the work direction and technical level has improved.

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