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Tan Xuguang chairman led inspected weich

Published time:【2016-11-02 14:50:16】

On October 30, 2016 (Chicago time), Tan Xuguang chairman led inspected weichai north American companies, visited the weichai engine products showroom, office area and production site, talks convened and presided over the work, heard the work report by the company's management team in North America.

Weichai engine accessories

Tan Xuguang fully affirmed the weichai north American company, and hope for the next step development and requirements.

Weichai power execution CEO Zhang Quan, vice President of Hu Haoran accompanied by inspection.

Weichai engine accessories

Weichai north American company, founded in 2006, is a wholly owned subsidiary of weichai power.

Weichai engine accessories

Beijing European luxury car trade co., LTD. (

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