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Weichai power, the service life of the e

Published time:【2016-11-03 11:08:34】

"Weichai power" the most perfect service system of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, quality of maintenance technicians, about four supporting prolong the service life of the weichai engine tips. European luxury QiMao understand some users often appear vehicles exhaust, the phenomenon of engine oil, is actually form a complete set of four problems:

Weichai engine accessories

Such as: piston ring, piston ring wear thin will appear this kind of phenomenon. But why do some user traffic mileage of 1 million kilometers are not seen? Below about how to delay by the captain four supporting the service life of the tips:

Novice driver technology: the driver in the operation of the vehicle caused by a lack of experience can often have a shift out the car condition, if at the time of overloading uphill start driving clutch no reasonable use immediately out the car, the process can cause serious obstacles to the engine working, sometimes even piston ring fracture leads to failure. Drivers in strict accordance with the vehicle use the engine to normal operating vehicle is the extension of life is very effect.

Second, the engine maintenance, the above said some users didn't repaired engine 1 million km. Reason is the insist to 4 s shop to do the maintenance regularly, regular maintenance is to protect the engine with an oil change and a/necessary items, equivalent to regular cleaning impurity within the engine, so as to prolong the service life of the engine.

Three, vehicles that have high temperature: if the engine temperature is too high to cause a decline in bad cooling oil lubrication effect thereby can also lead to four piston in cylinder of form a complete set or change the phenomenon of melting!

Four, don't blame the hao QiMao didn't warn you! Immediately to the summer, protect the cooling system. Don't let the noise of the engine "sick"!

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