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Accessories "3 packets" policy

Published time:【2016-11-04 14:38:28】

Weichai for components to provide quality assurance and "3 packets" commitment: weichai engine accessories on the user's normal use and maintenance, it is product quality problem, in "3 packets" period, the accessories by the user's actual location weichai repair station, according to the provisions of the "three guarantees" service.

Weichai engine accessories

Accessories "3 packets" service provision:

Purchase accessories from weichai belong to original quality reason, parts 3 bag period to regional total distribution, pit, stores, distributors sales to end the date of the customer, to live weichai accessories sales invoice system to print on the basis of the sales list.

1, low wearing parts not 3 packets, including:

1) gasket type: other than cylinder head gaskets gasket;

2) filter class: air core, diesel oil filter, oil filter, etc.;

3) rubber products categories: cylinder liner hydrosphere, all kinds of sealing gasket, oil pan gasket, etc;

4) sensor types: water temperature induction plug, oil pressure sensor, etc.;

5) accidentally class:, high pressure oil pump of diesel injector nozzle plunger matching parts, etc.

6) fasteners: clamp, clamp, etc;

7) buy separate bolt: such as connecting rod, cylinder head bolts, main bearing bolts, etc.

2, wearing parts, electric parts, 3 packets of period for 3 months

3, the general and important 3 bag period is 6 months:

4, basic pieces of 3 packets of period of 12 months:

5, in 3 packets of period appear quality problem, wearing parts, electric parts, general parts, important parts for replacement parts by 3 packets of regulations, do not calculate man-hour cost, based on a confirmed by the foreign central market manager site and had effective pictures, 3 packets of partners give calculation.

6, not 3 packets of regulations:

1) due to the assembly, use, maintenance, maintenance, improper matching, caused by the fault. If buy after loading and unloading damage in transit, their own conditions of use beyond the scope of product instruction manual regulation, overspeed overload use, etc.; Not to get up to speed as stipulated in the product specification, maintenance, etc; Use is not in conformity with the provisions, inferior quality of the oil, antifreeze, / etc.

2) due to the modification and adjustment, remove the specified in the product specifications are not allowed to adjust itself, remove the parts and components of the fault;

3) no invoice and so on 3 packets of prooves and cannot prove that the purchased products in 3 packets of period of validity;

4) 3 packets of prooves or accessories specifications and requirements of 3 packets on the invoice does not conform to product specifications and or altered;

5) after the failure to keep the damage to its original state, by processing, make the technical appraisal to the cause of the problem can't;

6) caused by wrong operation fault;

7) damage is caused due to force majeure such as war and natural disasters, etc.;

8) involved in a traffic accident, the engine has a damage;

7, new products and 3 packets of accessories on the policy

1. New products after determine the drop zones, by business firms to top accessory part number, quantity, amount, submitted to the vice President in charge of examination and approval, spare parts company in detail on the corresponding regional central; Central necessary supplement immediately after sales or 3 packets of such accessories, or urgent transfers, central take 1-5 times freight and for accessories users claim the losses resulting from the late. New product accessories sales within a year or 3 packets can be adjustable exchange (don't repeat sales) or refund (deduct the rebate), shipping costs borne by the returned unit, loss of r&d expenses or the business companies sales expenses.

2. The foreign service center according to the annual December next year's sales plan, determine the three packs of service stations in the area of credit funds accessories, spare parts company vice President in charge of examination and approval of the newspaper after summarizing audit implementation, foreign service center director is responsible for the credit capital is safe.

3. According to the area, the annual sales, year 3 packets of quantity, set up different categories pit base inventory, strict examination, not accessories reserve service dispatching.

4. Remanufacturing machine 3 packets with the new machine three packs of policy.

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