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Weichai high tension line

Weichai engine accessories


The high tension line, named high voltage ignition line. High voltage ignition line is one of the weichai engine ignition system components, its function is to produce high voltage ignition coil to the spark plug, the spark plug electrode gap is punctured and produce spark ignition. Decided by number of engine cylinder of high pressure ignition line number of the article, each including high voltage ignition wire connection, connection on both sides respectively equipped spark plugs and high voltage ignition coil terminal and dustproof insulating sheath. Different car length would be different, and also there are two different forms of interface with the spark plug, some points cylinder line with shielding cover can reduce the electromagnetic radiation.


High pressure points and spark plug wire and coil inserted in place and reliable reinforce, spark plug end installed, have the feeling of "cut", otherwise easy to cause leakage, arcing and ignition adverse phenomenon, caused by engine jitter. Applied in loading and unloading of the high tension line, hand or special tools (clip) live two rubber sheath, the ends of the high tension line must not directly pulling high-pressure anti-freeze When you meet the installation not into, remove the rotation or pull plug wire sheath with the hand, reinstall again, otherwise the terminal or sheath damage. It is prohibited to use the specialized tools, such as hammer, screwdriver, such as hard tools, percussion, install or remove the high tension line. It is forbidden to forcibly bent high-pressure anti-freeze, otherwise it will lead to broken wire core or wire core value increase. Under high temperature, high tension line lower mechanical strength, should not remove the high tension line, momentum motivation after cooling.

Use requirement

High pressure anti-freeze cannot close to the cylinder block, it is best to card holder (racks) impending fixed. The surface of the high tension line ban with materials containing metallic matter; The high tension line surface cannot be attached to water film. Ban flush high tension line parts; Such as surface water, may cause the engine jitter, or running out of steam. The spark plug at the bottom of the mounting holes temperature not over 200 ℃ for a long time. High voltage wire sheath resistance to oil, antifreeze performance co., LTD., long-term exposure to these substances, swells and accelerated aging, therefore, to ensure the high tension line installation hole is not the liquid pollution.


Every time after the removal of high tension line, to installation, must guarantee that the spark plug porcelain surface and the inside surface of sheath is connected with the clean and dust-free. Best can within the sheath surface coated with a suitable amount of silicon grease. When found the spark plug ceramic surface flashover trace, suggest that should be replaced at the same time the high tension line and spark plugs. Ptfe structure high tension line in case of spark plug flashover or regular maintenance, replace the seal ring.

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