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The crankshaft is broken?? What causes

Published time:【2016-11-18 16:48:35】

Suddenly in the process of engine crankshaft fracture what consequence can you cause? After fracture of the crankshaft will start again out the car engine will hear the sound when serious, no matter what all can't start the engine! ~ so, everybody will have the same question, why the crankshaft is broken? Weichai engine crankshaft fracture small make up to tell you today is not just a quality problem, and daily maintenance, the oil quality are directly related.

Weichai engine accessories

Small make up for the first tell you an example, the station received a WP7 weichai engine series reflect the vehicle suddenly destroyed in the process of driving the car, start again can hear the engine sound and no car; User requirements out rescue, relief technicians to the scene by outside sound judgement for the engine internal problems, and remove the oil sump found at the bottom of the sump tile dust is more, loop through again after confirm the crankshaft 3 cylinder crankshaft tile fracture cause the impact damage, need to vehicle towed to on-site maintenance (because of the need to overhaul confirm the damaged parts and accessories installation cycle issues, after comprehensive consideration must be dragged back to station processing);

By overhauling found three cylinders crankshaft tile can't lead to the car, the crankshaft can't run, vehicles in the process of gear form stress reaction to the crankshaft fracture; So, we should check the reason of holding?

Said to embrace the cause of the tile is diversified, among them one of the very common tile reason is that the internal temperature of engines will become too high, lubrication failure led to embrace tile; The failure condition of the vehicle is no exception; Because of lubricating oil was of poor quality (external procurement inferior oil) heat does not meet the requirements in the operation of the engine, lubricity, leading to the engine temperature, the lubrication is not good. The widget, big role; Play a key role to maintain daily, so recommended daily protection maintenance attention!

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