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Mainland China heavy truck sales growth

Published time:【2016-12-02 15:17:42】

Bank of America merrill lynch, said in a report published in mainland China heavy duty truck sales growth in October according to speed up to 54%, and is expected to be further accelerated in November, mainly markets believe that the mainland government would strictly enforce truck overloading, therefore need to increase capacity so as to achieve the growth and heavy card upgrade requirements. The bank raised weichai power target price from $13.7 to $12, reiterated "buy" rating. The bank raised weichai large weichai engine in 2016-2018 sales were 7%, 7% and 7%. The bank expected weichai unit a proud German kay (KION) acquisition horse teck (Dematic) will lead to earnings growth, and thus increase company from 2016 to 2018 earnings per share 9%, 6% and 9% respectively.

The bank believes and heavy trucks in the fourth quarter strong demand, therefore higher forecast heavy card sales growth this year, from 25% to 50%, heavy card sales during the first half of next year is expected to maintain 10-15% growth.

Weichai engine accessories

The bank expected weichai share picks up, the city of its market share in large engines are expected to rise by 1.5% to 26.4% on a yearly basis. In addition, the bank said, as part of the weichai customers in heavy card market share expansion, rising rates of weichai engine installation, weichai is expected in the next two years the market share will remain at 26%.

Weichai engine accessories

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