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Weichai Zhang Yue good youth

Published time:【2016-12-13 16:05:32】

The concept of the general public, only established untidier office-mate somebody called "hero". Many people remember the "more than the less about" teaching, there are many people cling to "have nothing hangs high" the creed. Until that day, weichai Zhang Yue import and export company, in the streets of Beijing road sees rough a roar, let weichai engine accessories small make up to rethink the word "hero".

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This afternoon, Zhang Yue out handle affairs in Beijing. On the way, heard a woman Shouting "hit people! Help!" Zhang Yue twist a head and a strong man is device with a woman's neck, women's struggle loudly. Passers-by as escape, and individual spectators watching the lively.

When I saw that, Zhang Yue without hesitation and to drink 1: "stop!" A shout, the strong man shouted meng, women the chance to break the bondage of the strong man. Only Zhang Yue strong man slowly came back, looking at a thin young man standing in front of, immediately face thuggish appearance: "pass you what matter? Did you find a beating!" Zhang Yue walk tall, have no fear: "no matter what things, you are playing woman is wrong!"

At this point, the crowd began to have someone to criticize in strong man hit persons behavior, someone called the police...

In the police station, police disputes mediation of the fighting men and women, and punishment kumite man. Of battered women's family said thank you very much for Zhang Yue's heroic actions, and take out cash to reward Zhang Yue Zhang Yue declined.

Zhang Yue after the event, once asked: "then what is a kind of power to make you warm? One thousand hurt?"

Zhang Yue replied: "when I did not think much, just think that someone is in danger, you must stop. Now if I encounter similar situation again, I will help. I believe that we have more social or justice, warm."

Zhang Yue behavior, is more of a social responsibility intrinsic drive, is the "pioneer CARES about the world," the courage. If more people, more than a few such behavior, then our society will become more harmonious and more beautiful.

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