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"Phoenix" combination of large

Published time:【2016-12-28 11:20:25】

On December 24, weichai power industrial park, weichai power and shenhua group, entropy zero group signed a cooperation agreement, decided to set up the national large-scale energy equipment product innovation strategic alliance, joint development of large mining truck engine and related weichai engine parts.

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Shandong heavy industry group chairman, weichai group chairman said Tan Xuguang shenhua, zero entropy and weichai in strategic orientation, resource sharing and collaborative industry chain has very strong in particular, it is a combination, it is also an important choice to achieve tripartite win-win, is conducive to further enhance the core competitiveness and influence of the three parties.

At the same time, it is weichai as an industry leader to fulfill the social responsibility actively, carry out the important of manufacturing strategy, to speed up the key technology breakthrough the bottleneck, broke the foreign brand monopoly on domestic high-end high-power engine products, to promote China's big energy equipment product upgrade, build a power jack.

Weichai engine accessories

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