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  • Weichai power, the service life of the e 【2016-11-03 11:08:34】

    "Weichai power" the most perfect service system of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, quality of maintenance technicians, about four supporting prolong the service life of the engine tips. European luxury QiMao understand some users often appear

  • Accessories "3 packets" policy 【2016-11-04 14:38:28】

    Weichai for components to provide quality assurance and "3 packets" commitment: weichai engine accessories on the user's normal use and maintenance, it is product quality problem, in "3 packets" period, the accessories by the user's ac

  • The tire noise reduction tips 【2016-10-21 17:02:07】

    Tyre noise is caused by the tire and road surface friction, is the main factor that constitutes a chassis noise. General tire noise is mainly composed of three parts: one is the tire pattern clearance of air flow and tire air turbulence around air noise;

  • Lubricating oil detection What should I 【2016-10-27 10:52:17】

    Oil detection can not only detect oil, but also can effectively guide the equipment maintenance, and tell us whether the oil out of the question, like the body to do a blood test, can be found within the body. Lubricating oil is the blood of flow inside t

  • If you do all these things, for the engi 【2016-10-28 11:29:15】

    3 big cars: engine, transmission and chassis, including weichai engine is probably the most expensive for vehicle parts, so the engine maintenance has become top priority.

  • On the windshield to save money to teach 【2016-10-29 16:39:23】

    As the saying goes "often walk along the river bank, which can't wet shoes", although the readers can all be have rich experience in driving the "old driver", but will always be in the vehicle using one way or the other problems. In th

  • The cause of the engine cylinder head un 【2016-11-01 16:57:58】

    Cylinder cover, sealed performance is good or bad for weichai engine technology conditions have great influence. When the cylinder cover sealing is lax, will make the cylinder gas leakage, cylinder compression pressure is insufficient, temperature and air

  • Engine maintenance have a coup "eig 【2016-11-07 15:58:59】

    The engine is the source of power, is also the most core components of the truck. For trucks, actually is just as important as the heart of the people, so it is very important to maintain good weichai engine of a work, pay attention to good at 8 o 'clock

  • How do I select the winter oil truck? 【2016-11-10 15:42:25】

    Winter temperature is reduced, the liquidity of lubricating oil, if you don't pay attention to replace, the north cold areas prone to truck starting difficulties, increased fuel consumption, and so on and so forth. Choosing weichai engine lubricating oil

  • Automotive urea should pay attention to 【2016-11-16 16:03:41】

    After four push for urea as the high frequency vocabulary, a lot of friends and CARDS have asked, urea, water instead of urea can use agricultural vehicle? The answer is not a substitute for, weichai engine can only buy on the market for urea conforms to



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