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Weichai maintenance


Weichai maintenance-we have the most professional maintenance team

We have won many awards: Weichai Power Flagship Station in Beijing, The First Place in 2013 Shaanxi Automobile Electrical Control Technology Competition, The Top Three in 2014 Shaanxi Automobile Gas Control Technology Competition, The First Place in Second Class of Beijing Maintenance Enterprise Competition, The First Place of Hongyan Technology Competition. Concentrated minds contribute to a professional kingdom. Each honor could not be achieved without the wonderful team’s wisdom and endeavors. Pressure gives us power to move on. As we are acknowledged by our peer industries, firms and customers, higher service standards should to be taken. The job of providing engine security services for vehicles of Beijing important activities has fell on this team. “We promise, we practice and we consider.” We will greet each service with our heart and soul. Just call us and leave everything to our team!

Weichai maintenance--We have the most formal access to parts

The customers can purchase genuine parts, which is inseparable from the customers' purchasing channels. As an enterprise in Weichai Power aftermarket, "Beijing Ouhao Automobile Trade Co.,Ltd." has become the general agent of spare parts, oil products and remanufacturing products of Weichai Power in Beijing area. We can achieve the point-to-point drop shipment from the head office to the consolidated storage within one day, and there is no turnover in the process. Genuine parts contribute to professional services. We have our own team to provide perfect three guarantees services of auto parts, and our 24-hour 400 service call is ready to answer your call at any time, which lets the customers rest assured to buy and use our products safely. Besides, The "nationwide quality assurance" is far better than general manufacturers. The 400-618-3066 Weichai Power national 24-hour service hotline not only monitors our service, but also protects your nationwide quality assurance. The sea, land, and air shipment will provide you with sound and efficient logistics services.

Weichai maintenance--we have the most advanced maintenance and rescuing equipment

Among after-sales maintenance services, evening rescue is the most attractive content for the customers. The fully-functional service and rescue vehicle is equipped with 220V AC-generator,air compressor, engine hoisting equipment, winch, pneumatic filling provision, bench drilling machine, teledata flash device, Weichai series of electronic control diagnostic equipment, night illumination device and security assurance equipment, which can realize engine maintenance just like in the workshop. It is an inseparable part of our 15-year professional evening rescue service. Professional “engine fine repair workshop” ultrasonic cleaning devices can guarantee the maintenance quality and provide you with great care for Weichai engine’s service life.